Recommended reading: Takeaways from a new book on TESOL and multilingualism

By Johanna Ennser-Kananen

What does English teaching in Finland have to do with social justice? And how do multilingual pedagogies, like translanguaging approaches, fit into the pictures?

Kristiina Skinnari, Päivi Iikkanen, and Johanna Ennser-Kananen took a close look at the Finnish National Core Curriculum to find out. Their chapterTranslanguaging as a Key to Socially Just English Teaching in Finland” was published in the book Policy Development in TESOL and Multilingualism: Past, Present and the Way Forward (Springer). The book provided an excellent opportunity for looking at English teaching and learning in Finland against the backdrop of a larger (global) TESOL context.

Find the book here:

Thank you to the editors Kashif Raza, Christine Coombe, and Dudley Reynolds for seeing this piece through the publication process and providing a (multilingual) list of take-aways from this important volume. Here are some highlights in Finnish and English:

Rumor has it, that a follow-up volume is already in the works…

Photo: Free-photos, license Pixabay