XXII Virtual Spring School of Language and Communication Studies 4.–5.5.2022

Traditionally, Spring School is organized by and for the doctoral researchers of the Language Campus (i.e., CALS, LaCos, the Department of Teacher Education, Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication and Teacher training school). This year again, we will run the event online considering the covid-19 situation. Program includes a keynote speech, doctoral reseachers' presentations and a workshop.
  • Date May 04, 2022 09:45 AM to May 05, 2022 04:15 PM (Europe/Helsinki / UTC300)
  • Location Zoom
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The doctoral researchers of the Language Campus (i.e., CALS, LaCos, the Department of Teacher Education, Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication and Teacher training school) are organising the XXII Spring School on 4th and 5th of May 2022 for doctoral researchers. This year again, the event will be run online.

The primary topic of the keynote speech for Spring School 2022 is Academic career. We are excited to announce that the keynote speakers will be Professor Camilla Lindholm and Docent, PhD Johanna Isosävi, who are also pronounced podcasters and authors of a popular book called Väitöksen jälkeen - opas akateemiselle uralle (“After the PhD – guide to the academic career”, published in Finnish), https://anchor.fm/vaitoksenjalkeen). In the Spring School 2022, they will give a talk about how PhD students can prepare for their future academic careers during the PhD process. There will be a discount on their book for the registered participants of the Spring school.

The keynote is open for anyone interested in the topic, including experienced researchers and others from inside or outside of the Language Campus (registration needed).

The program

Date Time Program
Wednesday 4.5. 9.45–10.00

Opening & postgrad group info session


Keynote speech on "Academic career" / Professor Camilla Lindholm and Dosent, PhD Johanna Isosävi 


Lunch break 



You will have a chance to present your work in different formats. You can base your presentation on e.g., research plan, initial findings or data session. Alternatively, you can also present a text, for example an article draft or a manuscript. We also welcome presentations/talks with a more general focus, such as ethical or methodological questions, but linked to your PhD research.


Interactive coffee break (online)

Torstai 5.5. 10.00–11.45


  12.00– 13.00

Lunch break


Workshop on "Academic writing" / Professor Camilla Lindholm and Dosent, PhD Johanna Isosävi 


Closing of the Spring School


Descriptions of the keynote and workshop

KEYNOTE: ACADEMIC CAREER, 4 MAY by Johanna Isosävi and Camilla Lindholm [language of the keynote is English]

In our keynote, we focus on tools for career planning for PhD candidates. We discuss issues related to goal setting, recognizing your values, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Further, we deal with the importance of writing a long-term strategic career plan, and we guide you in writing your academic mission statement. In our talk, we focus on many demands of the academic career and how to juggle between different tasks. We also encourage you to engage with wider audience, and give you tips how to communicate about your research. Finally, we emphasize that whether you want to pursuit in the academic career or elsewhere, the skills you have learned during your PhD are both valuable and transferable.

WORKSHOP ON ACADEMIC WRITING, 5 MAY by Johanna Isosävi and Camilla Lindholm [language of the workshop is English]

You are most welcome to join our workshop on academic writing on 5 May. In the first part of the 2-hour workshop, we introduce the publication pipeline: why is it important and how does it help you to plan and monitor your writing? Furthermore, we discuss tips for academic writing and for the writing process, such as prioritizing writing, creating healthy and sustainable writing routines and how to go from draft to submission while feeling less stressed doing it. In the second part of the workshop, we demonstrate the benefits of social writing – getting started, writing, and winding down together – to overcome writing-related obstacles.

Info on presentations

For the presentation you will be allotted with 30 minutes: 20 mins for presentation + 10 mins for discussion and comments. You can be flexible with the format of your presentation.

Details, like the timeframe of the presentations, exact times of the lunch and break meetings, are to be announced later.

Senior researchers from inside and outside of the University of Jyväskylä will comment the presentations. The event is multilingual, and possible languages for presentations are at least Finnish, English, Swedish and Finnish sign language. Other languages can also be considered, if agreed with the organizers beforehand.

Register by April 8th

Registration closed on April 8th. 

You can attend the whole program or parts of it.

Presenters will be asked to submit the presentation material(s) to share with the commentators no later than April 22nd. For any further inquiries and for sending your material(s), contact: Pauliina Puranen (pauliina.p.a.puranen@jyu.fi) or Tanja Seppälä (tanja.e.seppala@jyu.fi).

Organizing team

Karina Doi, Jonna Leppäkumpu, Pauliina Puranen, Emilia Rajala, Tanja Seppälä, Mai Shirahata, Camilla Suortti, Polina Vorobeva & Minttu Vänttinen