Welcome to the Equity Team!

We are about 30 people from across the different units of the Language Campus who are interested in working on issues related to equity, social justice, language, communication, and/or education. We meet as a big group about once a month and have small group meetings in between as needed. We organize events, workshops, and learning groups for ourselves, our colleagues, and the whole Language Campus community. Currently, the following questions keep us busy:

  • What is institutional racism, how does it show on our campus, and what can we do to challenge it?
  • What does culturally sustaining/relevant teaching look like in our contexts?
  • How can our workplace become more inclusive and welcoming of diversity?
  • What is intersectional feminism and how can we bring it into our work?
  • What are alternative (e.g., anti-colonial) approaches to internationalization?
  • How can we diversify our community?
  • … and many more …

We strive to accommodate different schedules and linguistic practices to create a welcoming atmosphere for our work. For more information, please contact Johanna Ennser-Kananen at johanna.f.ennser-kananen@jyu.fi.

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