Language Campus award 2023 awarded to Kristiina Skinnari

Kristiina Skinnari received the yearly Language Campus award given for her exemplary work. The award recognises the contributions Skinnari has given to Language Campus ever since becoming a doctoral researcher in the University of Jyväskylä.

Skinnari has done exceptional collaboration between schools and the university, partaken in several projects regarding language and communication (RECLAS, Kimo, Equity Team, FORTHEM) in addition to development projects (curriculum planning, strategy revision).

Language Campus award is presented for developing the societal interaction of language teaching and research on languages in addition to developing the ways to communicate these across faculties and departments.

Kristiina Skinnari works closely with researchers. teachers and students and has an exceptional way of bringing these different groups together. The award justification states that Skinnari embodies the spirit of Language Campus.

Additional information:

University Teacher Kristiina Skinnari,

Director of Language Campus steering group Sabine Ylönen,