Seminar Oct 17th: Noise after Babel – Language unrestrained

Kielten laitos järjestää perjantaina 17.10. klo 14-16 (F105, Fennicum) monikielisyyttä käsittelevän seminaarin, jossa aihetta lähestytään taidetta ja tiedettä yhdistävästä näkökulmasta. Puhujina ovat Sezgin Boynik ja Minna Henriksson, jotka kertovat uudesta kokeellisesta hankkeestaan Noise after Babel – Language unrestrained. Seminaari on englanninkielinen.

Noise after Babel – Language unrestrained

Fri 17th Oct at 2-4 p.m. (F105, Fennicum). The seminar is held in English.

Sezgin Boynik and Minna Henriksson will introduce their art project in progress that deals with multi-accentuality of language as potential grounds for social engagement.

Rather than dealing with unilateral conception of language, their interest is in engaging with the kind of speech and communication that has multi-accentual form and dialogical nature. The general metaphor for using the coupling ‘babel’ and ‘noise’ is based on conception of a perfectly working system of univocal state, which functions without coercions (babel), that after an intervention/change (‘loss of innocence’) is replaced by unwanted and unbearable situation (noise).

Noise after Babel is a one-year project with the theme of multilingualism, and is collaboration by a researcher and an artist on the topic. The project uses experimental and non-conventional methods of art practice in dealing with language.