14.11. Michele Friednerin vierailuluento

Michele Friedner pitää perjantaina 14.11. klo 10–12 salissa F 205 vierailuluennon aiheesta ”Disability, Technology, Value: The case of deaf “workers with disabilities” in Indian multinational corporations”.


Abstract: The emergence of the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) sector in Bangalore, India has become synonymous with the discourse of “India Shining.” This discourse has produced imaginaries of infinite possibility enabled by technology. In this talk I analyze the role that the ITES sector plays in the social, moral, and economic lives of deaf young adults in Bangalore. Non-governmental organizations train people with disabilities in basic computer skills. ITES corporations then hire these trainees in order to combat employee attrition and to promote corporate social responsibility. Deaf people are targeted as a source of immobile labor in this sector to the extent that Bangalore is now home to an ITES company that hires only people with disabilities, many of them deaf. Moving beyond the specific case of deaf workers, I consider how disability has become a source of multiple kinds of social, political, and economic value for disabled people themselves, the state, and corporations.